No, France is not responsible for the terrible crimes of the collaborationist regime of Vichy !

As Charles De Gaulle, François Mitterrand, Henri Guaino, Jean-Pierre Chevènement or Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, I consider that France and the Republic were struggling in London during the occupation and that the Vichy regime was not France. This is a position that has always been defended by the French Head of State, before Jacques Chirac and especially François Hollande wrongly came back on it.

My position is in accordance with the legitimate Decree of August 9th 1944, which imposed a legal non-existence of the Vichy regime, a collaborating and illegal administration.

It of course doesn’t absolve at all the effective and personal responsibility of the French who participated in the infamous “Vel d’Hiv” raid and all the other atrocities committed during these terrible times.

The actual political manipulation of a few public figures against me today is shameful. In particular from some so-called Gaullists, who by doing so, deeply tarnish the memory and Work of General De Gaulle.