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No, France is not responsible for the terrible crimes of the collaborationist regime of Vichy !

As Charles De Gaulle, François Mitterrand, Henri Guaino, Jean-Pierre Chevènement or Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, I consider that France and the Republic were struggling in London during the occupation and that the Vichy regime was not France. This is a position that has always been defended by the French Head of State, before Jacques Chirac and especially François Hollande wrongly came back …

Marine Le Pen’s speech in Bordeaux

At this occasion, in front on thousands of people, Marine Le Pen describes the consequences of uncontrolled globalization. She invites all French, regardless of their background, as long as they French in their hearts, and especially the young people of France, to rise to the occasion and work together to make France great again.

Marine Le Pen’s rally in Lille

During this rally in the northern city of Lille, thousands gathered to listen to Marine Le Pen and the way that she intends “to give a future to the history of France”

Marine le Pen’s speech on citizenship

During this Presidential Conference held on March 13 in Paris, Marine le Pen talks about citizenship and explains how citizenship should unite all French people. That citizenship is their common good which will unite them regardless of their differences. Being French means being free but this freedom is under threat.

Marine Le Pen’s speech in Châteauroux

“For France and the French people, the choice before us is fundamental !” Marine Le Pen in Châteauroux compares the upcoming presidential election to a referendum for or against France and describes her main opponents as puppets of the system, who ultimately do not believe in France anymore.

Marine Le Pen’s speech in Lyon

Marine le Pen official launched her presidential campaign in Lyon on Februray 5. She revealed her political program and outlined the majors points in front of over 5 000 people who had gathered for this great event. Her inaugural speach was broadcasted live on French television as well as abroad.

Marine Le Pen’s speech on international policy in a multipolar world

Marine Le Pen explains her vision on foreign policy and the role of France in a multipolar word and outlines a fresh approach for France and the word in the 21st century This major event with international repercussions took place in Paris on February 23 and was attended by ambassadors and representatives of over 50 countries as well as numerous …